What others have to say.....


— Michael Jackson.

"This woman is amazing at everything she does." 

After you hire her, you will never go anywhere else, the absolute best!

- Scott Pattison, Actor, Singer, Dancer.


Because of you I also got to meet my Idol MJ, Thank you.

— Chris Brown.

I always look forward to working with Kerys...”

I have worked with Kerys on the creation of two successful shows of which she was instrumental in the creation, design and concept. I was impressed by her work ethic and ability to bring the best out of her performers through her unique vision and drive. Extremely hard working and loyal to all involved, she continues to verify these principles through her teachings and philosophy across the board.

— James Ingram, Company Manager Thriller Live & Respect La Diva.

“An Unforgettable Experience.”

—  WMA Production

"An Artist in every sense of the word and a pleasure to work with." 

I have worked with Kerys more than a few times over the years and am proud to say I have done so. She is a lady with definite clear and creative vision, whether it's choreography, writing or directing. A true professional and a fantastic communicator; if you are fortunate enough to collaborate with her, whatever project you're working on, it will absolutely have the best chance of succeeding.

— Steve Rock, Presenter, Author and Speaker.

“Such a great teacher and inspirational Person.”

I've had the pleasure of working with her and her energy and commitment to her work has inspired clients on and off the Stage. I highly recommend you work with her.

— Dennis Wonder, Choreographer & Performer.

"Her book 'Phenomenal Woman' is actually better than the Secret!" 

- Satisfied Reader

"Superbly Talented."

How you managed to sound check so many singers and bands for such a huge show was amazing. The band and I appreciated your kindness and patience - thank you.

- Brian Freshwater - David & Carrie Grant, United Colours Of Sound Management.

"Everyone should have one of her. An Inspiring and enlightening coach."       

- Satisfied Student.